Homeowner Tradition

It is a tradition in my family to purchase a house for your children when they come of age. This tradition has been in my family for the past six generations, and it is something that no one wants to see die. Six generations ago my family came from extreme hardship, where they were unable …

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Sliding Fun Times

I wonder if it’s possible to make a house that’s one giant cave. I can see why it’s not usually an option, of course. You’d need a space the size of a warehouse, to start off. The ventilation would be extremely difficult, as would the issue of dust. And if everything was so open, would …

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Move for Independence!

So we just spent a week on stakeout. That’s cool. I mean, stakeout constitutes most of our job. I have my coping mechanisms, and also, a handheld console that I can use to entertain myself for hours. I don’t play it while I’m supposed to be keeping watch, though – at least, not very much. …

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