La Vida Lismore!

What if you moved to a city and found out that there was nothing to do?

That was the reality facing me when I moved to Lismore ten years ago. As a teenager, I was convinced that this new place was going to be dull as ditchwater, and I was almost correct. Lismore has just about enough to do…for normies. But I wanted something more.

Ten years later and here we are, the Weird and Interesting Hobby Capital of Australia! It’s been a long road, but this site tells the story of how I changed Lismore for the better, and how you can get involved!


What’s With all the Weird?

It’s the 21st century. Football and lawn bowls are so 1970.

But seriously, it’s a new and exciting world where you don’t have to fit into a narrow slot when it comes to doing something you can enjoy. Underwater chess, hamster ball duelling, extreme ironing…all of them are out there, and any one of them could be the thing you love .

So what are you to do if no one else is doing it where you live? 

I decided that I’d make a change for the better. Steadily, I began to spread the word of alternative hobbies, see what interested people, gathered some equipment here and there, and eventually we had Lismore’s very first underwater chess league.

That acted as a magnet to all sorts of amazing hobbies, with the local nightclub dedicating a whole night to a silent knitting Morris Dancing disco rave every single week, with people lining up outside to get in. 

The alternative hobby scene keeps growing, and soon I hope that all who live in Lismore and the surrounding areas will be able to find the perfect pastime, with some like-minded folks who’ll soon be friends. Click through to our pages to find out which hobby you’ve never heard of is going to be your new favourite!