All About Us

I’m Holly Randall, founder of La Vida Lismore, and that name was not chosen at random.

I’ve always had a passion for the off-kilter, and when my parents moved to Lismore, I reluctantly went along with them. What was this place, and were there any thrills to be found?

Eventually I realised that if I wanted to expand the hobby scene, I was going to have to do it myself…and as all visitors to this great town are aware, that’s exactly what I did. La Vida Lismore describes how we’re trying to inject life into this town by giving people the chance to express themselves their way, instead of just picking a club that exists and making do.

If something counts as off-the-beaten-path and a little odd, then I’m ALL about trying it out. If I had to pick some favourites? Underwater chess, competitive cactus growing and noodle crocheting are a few activities I cannot resist, no matter how tired I am.

Naturally, I welcome any and all suggestions for new activities that we can try out here in Lismore, so feel free to hit me up or find me at one of our monthly LVL meetings at the Ulysses Community Hall.

Don’t worry…we keep the meetings short so we can get onto the fun stuff!