Chameleon Feetsies…

Auto correct is a funny thing. I’m pretty sure I wanted this. I wanted a podiatrist clinic open in Cheltenham. When I typed that into the search bar, I was definitely looking for an assortment of clinics down in Cheltenham that deal in podiatry.

Or was I??

No, I wasn’t. It’s just that my Chameleon, Prince Duloc Tamarell VII, has developed problems on his little footsies. I needed a podiatrist that specifically serviced chameleons, but the search engine took over with autocorrect, landing us in this particular predicament. So now, I need to convince podiatrists that a chameleon is a worthy patient, like any human person.

Results so far have been mixed-to-negative. Most places have told me, in no uncertain terms, that they do not perform podiatry services upon animals, and I should seek out a vet. And yes, usually I would seek out a vet. However, Prince Duloc Tamarell VII has very peculiar tastes that involve wanting to see specific medical professionals. I took him to the vet once when his eyes started moving in the same direction instead of being independent of each other, and he would have none of it. I looked around for three months until I finally found a very eccentric optometrist who was willing to treat him. I saw that not even the search engine could believe that I was in need of an actual chameleon podiatrist, and I was instead directed to actual human ones. In Cheltenham. The place where all human podiatry happens…I guess.

So I guess we’re doing that. I really don’t think it’ll be that much of a challenge to slice down some orthotics to a very tiny shape that’s fit little chameleon feet. It’s basically the same as getting children’s orthotics. Cheltenham, a place of wonder and innovation…or at least, it WILL be, if they take the wise and forward-thinking step of taking on chameleon patients. Think of the extra revenue!