Instant Relief


The daily commute from my home in the Western suburbs to my office in Richmond is often long and bothersome. Almost every Melburnian can relate to the struggle of travelling during peak hour, whether that be via public transport or on our roads. Congestion is often hard to escape and it can be difficult to arrive to work in a good mood after sitting in traffic or being cramped on the train. 


To get to work, I do what many other commuters towards the Richmond area do. When I’m running late I’ll drive, and when I’m on time I’ll get the train. Either way, I have at least a ten-minute walk to the office, which can get very tedious in summer.


As the heat rolls around, I can always tell whether or not we have had our latest air conditioner service. Richmond is home to hundreds of beautiful old buildings that can get extremely warm. My office is one of them.


After my long commute, it’s obvious how much of a difference arriving at a cool workplace makes. It feels like a breath of fresh air. The coolness from the air con seems to relieve me of any and all frustration. It feels like the rush of jumping in the pool on a hot day, where you feel all your stresses alleviated as soon as you hit the cool water. 


When we first got our Melbourne air conditioner repairs, my productivity increased and so did the overall wellbeing of myself and my coworkers. It’s now a relief to get to work on a hot morning, and is a place I’d happily choose to be over being on a crowded train or sitting in congested city traffic. 


I am constantly thanking my lucky stars that my boss values having a working air conditioner is in Melbourne summer. Now I think it’s time that I suggest an indoor swimming pool.