New Keto Diet

My good friend has just started a keto diet, and I’m a bit confused about it. He seems like a pretty fit guy anyway, not that I’ve paid attention… but yeah he certainly doesn’t seem like he’d need to be on a diet. When I asked him about it, he started listing off all the benefits and I could tell he was genuinely excited about it. I trust him, I don’t think he’s going on any crazy unhealthy diet or anything. I’ve just never dieted myself because I don’t really need to, so I’m confused as to why someone else who doesn’t need to would choose to diet. 

He told me he’s signed up for keto meal delivery. Melbourne residents love being part of the latest healthy eating craze, and this seems to be it. Most crazes usually stick around, I wonder if this one will too. I’ve never been one to give into a craze, I just prefer to kick back and beat to my own drum. That means eating and drinking what I want, when I want.

I personally love myself a good bread roll, but I’m a big believer in the phrase “each to their own” so good for anyone that doesn’t want the bread roll. More for me!

I do have a potentially dumb question, is a keto diet program the same as a high protein meal delivery program? Does low carbs automatically mean you’re eating more protein? I seriously feel like I need my own personal nutritionist to sort all these things out for me. 

Diet’s are difficult and complicated in my opinion. Even though everyone else seems to be able to follow them so smoothly.  I guess it’s just because I don’t have the mental drive to stick to a diet. Maybe if I felt it would help me improve my wellbeing, but at this stage it doesn’t feel like it would make much difference. I’m content with how I’m going at the moment. I hope my friend feels content with himself once he’s gotten into his diet too!