Tired of Advising

I think I’m just about ready to move on from being a high school career counsellor. I’m still inspired by the kids coming to me and saying they want to be a scientist or a doctor, but need a new challenge. It’s difficult to see kids who need an ATAR of 90+ but are going to be lucky to get one close to 60. Worse yet are the ones who aren’t even doing the classes they need. I do my best to let them know that they’ll have to go through TAFE to get where they want to be. Jimmy, if you wanted to be a criminal lawyer, then you can’t do those four art subjects.

Maybe I’ll open my own company. That way, I can give advice to all kinds of people who need a little help. I could become a proper career counsellor. Melbourne could use more of us, I’m sure. I don’t mind when people don’t know what sort of job they want. In fact, those are my favourite ones to work with. But at least this way, when I have a client, they will actually be interested in finding something. I wouldn’t have to counsel just children, either. I think I could give excellent advice about changing careers too. I know a lot of tricks that can help people get to their new jobs as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, I could change my own career. I’ve always wanted to be a skydiving instructor, but in high school, I had a fear of heights. I tried to get over it but to no avail. Now, twenty years later, I’m fine. I could totally become a skydiving instructor. Would there be anything better than to feel the adrenaline rush and the wind through my hair? The knowledge that if there’s something wrong with the parachute, it’s all over. The bridge between life and death in my hands. For once, maybe I should take my own advice. I need to jump and hope the parachute works.