Twilight for Melbourne

You know, with all the weird stuff going on around Melbourne lately, I’m surprised that no one has thought to make an entire publication based around it. Maybe it’s just that no one has any faith in print media anymore, but I really think it could sell if you made it all glossy and collectable, and it had a catchy, succinct title. Also, coupons.

Weird Melbourne. Dark Melbourne. Melbourne Dark.

Hmm, nah…that one sounds like a type of coffee bean. Definitely one I would drink, but that’s beside the point. My actual point is that there’s an actual magazine called Brake Repair: Ringwood Mechanical Developments. It’s a magazine about the advancements in brake repair. In Ringwood. Like, just that one specific place. I know Ringwood has become really well known for mechanical work, and it’s where that fancy academy is, but are there really enough advancements in brake repairs to justify a magazine that comes out…hang on.

…every month? I mean, better than weekly, but I was expecting it to be quarterly at least. How do they FILL that thing? Is it just one page that says ‘everything is pretty much the same’?

I think there’s a ton to be written about in Dark Melbourne. Backstreet Melbourne. Twilight Melbourne. 

That’s it; I’m going to make ‘Twilight Melbourne’ and everyone will love it, just as much as they love magazines about brake pad repairs and the best places to get roadworthy certificates. It’ll cover the Night Valkyrie, slipping television ethical standards, those two private eyes who cruise around in their mystery machine getting into scuffles, and the monk teaching his students to knock down walls with animal spirit powers.

I mean, the vehicle inspections done in Ringwood sound great, don’t take it the wrong way. If I was a petrol-head, I’d be all over them. I just think my magazine has a broader appeal.