Accidental Brake Repair

Sometimes it’s hard for me to admit that I’ve messed up. For example, last week when I stopped paying attention whilst driving and mounted the curb, I struggled to admit to anyone what I had been doing and what had happened. I just don’t like making mistakes and I really don’t like people knowing about those mistakes. I find it embarrassing, especially when one of my mistakes causes so much damage that I need mechanical repairs. Moorabbin, where I live, is a relatively large suburb in Melbourne. But that hasn’t stopped everyone from finding out about what I did. I wish I could have made up some sort of excuse.

Usually when I’ve messed up it’s something small, like accidentally failing a test at uni or turning up late to a friends house. I always have excuses for that. I failed because the lecturer didn’t teach us the content, or I was late because there was an unprecedented amount of traffic. It’s never my fault, until I absolutely cannot think of an excuse as to why it wasn’t. 

I have one of those traffic recorder things that film the road the entire time you’re driving. The reason I installed it was so I could prove that any incident that occurs wasn’t my fault, but it really backfired. Instead, the traffic recorder documents me ruining my car so much that I need brake repairs. Moorabbin curbs are actually really big and when I tried to slam on the brakes, I really damaged them. I tried to tell my parents and boyfriend that it wasn’t my fault, but when they consulted the footage, they knew I was lying.

I guess the moral of the story is to either admit when you’ve messed up and take responsibility, or what I wish I had done, destroy the evidence before you tell people what happened. At least I know for next time.