Air Conditioning Sponge?

It’s sad to see how much Sponge Boy has gone downhill since the first movie. The show isn’t even set underwater anymore. At some point Sponge Boy, the main character, must have moved to Melbourne of all places. Sponge Boy is now exploring the modern metropolis of Melbourne, despite that being completely against the original concept of the show. In fact, Sponge Boy doesn’t even work as a fry cook at the Rusty Lobster anymore, instead working as an air conditioning technician. They’re basically spitting on the grave of the show’s creator!

There’s even a quote from the man, before he sadly passed away, which says that his last wish is that Sponge Boy never works with heating and cooling around Melbourne. That’s an actual thing that the show’s creator said! No, don’t look it up. Just take my word for it.

I guess that the show is still similar in essence, but they’re really pushing it. Sponge Boy used to be about these crazy adventures with an underwater kitchen sponge and his best friend, Rick, who was a starfish. They don’t even have Rick anymore! Sponge Boy’s new best friend is called Jerry, and he’s just a thing of steel wool with a face, a shirt and no pants. So unoriginal.

I know that it’s just a kids’ show, and I shouldn’t get so worked up about it, but Sponge Boy was my childhood. I never thought I’d see this character performing air conditioning maintenance near Melbourne. It’s just horrible to witness. Now my kids are going to grow up with this new version of Sponge Boy, just like how they’re growing to grow up with bad CGI for Policeman Sam, Pilot Pat and Carrots in Costumes! It’s just sad.

Is nothing sacred anymore? There was nothing wrong with the old Sponge Boy, so they should have kept it that way. But I guess the character is just more marketable as an air conditioning repairman.