Brisbane’s Boxing Gym

Please remember to gamble responsibly, indeed! Hello everyone, I’m Nath and I’m with my co-host Kath. She’s usually the one who does the introductions, which often involves throwing some sort of insult my way, so I’ve decided to take over this time.

Great to be here, everyone! Those of you who are following along at home will know that Nath is just a bit of a cry baby who wishes he was an experienced Muay Thai fighter like I am. I’m not insulting him at all, it’s his own confidence that is hurting him. You might need to toughen up, Nath.

Woah, Kath. It’s 2021. Don’t you know that you can’t tell people to toughen up anymore? That’s a sure-fire way to get yourself cancelled on the internet. I’m just here to commentate on Brisbane’s Muay Thai Boxing Competition, which is being held at the local Muay Thai boxing gym this year. 

Well, I definitely don’t want to be cancelled by the masses, do I, Nath? Luckily I’m so well known in the MMA world that I would never be cancelled there. But anyway, back to the competition. Eugine was indeed the fastest contestant to knock out his opponent. He will be going straight through to the championship round, just as I predicted. That leaves Jasmine, Amal, June and Niall to fight it out in the next couple of rounds. 

The matchups are going to be elite! I’ve heard that June and Niall have never faced each other professionally or playfully at the local MMA gym near Brisbane, so they have no idea how the other person fights. Correct me if I’m wrong, Kath, but most of the people who fight on the Muay Thai circuit have faced each other at one point or another because there aren’t that many Muay Thai fighters in Australia.

You are correct, for once, Nath. It’s very rare that Muay Thai fighters haven’t competed against each other, which makes the matchup between June and Niall so exciting.