Birds Enjoying Heating

I think I’m living in an aviary. Not by intention, of course, but it’s the case nonetheless. There are about two dozen birds in my house that just will not leave, no matter how much I ask or ‘encourage’ them to go. I think it’s because I have such great heating. They love the warmth of my house, and now they pretty much live here. Of course, I feed all of them because I feel bad that they won’t eat otherwise. I can’t exactly starve them out of my house, because I’d have to keep a door open to let them leave, and I’d just end up with more birds flocking into my home.

My heating wasn’t always this way. It used to be terrible, and then it broke down entirely. However, I soon turned to a business that could provide me with a split system service. Melbourne had awful weather that week, so when the technician arrived and got my heater working better than ever, I thought all the problems in my life had been solved. You may think that’s when the birds started arriving, but that is not the case. I enjoyed my heating system working at optimal levels for some time. It lasted me all winter, in fact. It was incredible how all I had needed was a service—rather than full split system repairs. Around Melbourne, I was telling everyone about how awesome my heater was. When the next winter arrived, that was when the birds struck. I guess they’d heard the rumours going around that I had the best heating system in Melbourne.

No matter how hot I make my house, these birds just won’t leave. To be honest, I’m actually growing a bit fond of them. Maybe they can stay, just until winter is over. At least I’ll have company. It’s not like I’ll be leaving my house anytime soon, so I might as well make the most of it.