Building a Steel Shed

My husband loves building things in his spare time. He’s really creative and year after year, has built me something incredibly impressive and romantic for our anniversary. Our five year anniversary is coming up again quite soon and I’ve been thinking about what to get him. I’ve come to the decision that I will be buying him every material he needs so that he can build himself a shed. If I was married to someone else, I’d get someone to build a shed for my husband. But I know how much he loves building, so part of the present is that he gets to build a place where he’ll be building in the future.

My first order of business is to buy steel beams. Melbourne steel suppliers are easy to come by, thankfully, because I don’t really know what materials are necessary to build a shed. I’ve been lucky that everyone I’ve dealt with has been really helpful, as everyone seems to admire my quest to make my husband feel as loved and happy as possible on our special day. 

The other day I spoke with someone that does steel fabrication. Melbourne residents, apparently, don’t usually build their own sheds, so he was surprised that my husband was going to do it himself. I assured him that despite not having any official qualifications, my husband is well-equipped to build a shed on his own. 

My husband is such a talented man. I admire his dedication to building things and working on new tasks. I truly love witnessing his genuine happiness whilst he’s building and once he’s seen the end result. If I had to describe him in one word it would be ‘wholesome’. I don’t think any other man would show this amount of dedication to anything, and that’s the reason I married him. A man that is dedicated to doing what he loves will be dedicated to the person he loves. Well, that’s how I see it at least. I hope he likes his present.