Car Servicing Blocks

Okay so where I left you guys off was when I was about to get my wheel alignment service and then the car air conditioning regas, because I bought a second hand car that is essentially a piece of junk. Well, both those services went well thanks to the mechanic and so now we’re up to the next stage of the block of services. We’re covering a significant amount of services in this stage, and so my car will have to spend about a week at the auto mechanic which I’m alright with.

The mechanic has provided me with quite a few written documents explaining what is going to occur over the next week, but truth be told I haven’t really read it. I just looked at the total cost at the bottom and put it in my budget for next month. The mechanic can do whatever he wants really, as long as my car works at the end of it. I don’t want to have to come back to the mechanic for at least a year once all of this is over.

I’m dropping my car off tomorrow, and so when the mechanic called me to confirm the time that I’d be dropping it off, he told me that this block of servicing is heavily focused on auto mechanical repairs. Adelaide, luckily for me, is actually pretty easy to get around without a car, and so I told him if he needs longer than a week then just go for it. He assured me that a week is all he will need, but really I’m not fussed either way.

I just want all the servicing to be over as quickly as possible, because I want to be able to properly drive the car that I bought for that exact reason. I’m fortunate that I’m in really good hands with this auto mechanic. I know it’ll all be done as quickly as humanly possible.