Exterior Paint Joy

I just bought a house that’s a real fixer-upper. It’s old but it’s got strong bones and I am excited to live in it for the rest of my life. I weighed up the benefits of buying a new house versus an old more run down house, and the run down house won. I can make the run down house my own and it’ll make me feel like I’ve really achieved something once I’ve done all the renovations to my home.

My first order of business is to lighten the place up. The inside walls are painted in a dark grey which makes the house feel really dim. I value natural light and open spaces, and by painting the inside of my house in light colours, I think it’ll help replicate that. I am currently on the lookout for professional and experienced interior house painters that can make my colour scheme dreams a reality. This house is going to be my home, and I want the painter to be able to properly understand this.

Once the inside of my house has been painted and freshened up, I’ll get the outside painted too. Similar to the inside of my home, it’ll be painted in very light colours. I want my home to feel welcoming and homey to guests, which I think will only be achievable if it is painted in light colours.

In six months when the interior of the house has been painted, I’ll be on the hunt for an exterior painter. Melbourne has thousands of talented painters in the CBD and so I’m not just going to go with the first one that I find. As I said before, this house will be my home for the rest of my life. It has to be perfect and it’s going to be if I make sure to choose the right painters for the job. Here’s hoping.