Car Won’t Start

I’m really upset right now. My boyfriend has come down with a really bad flu that has gotten progressively worse over the last few days, and I can’t be there to help him. He lives about an hour away from me, which obviously isn’t close but isn’t too far and usually I would be able to get to his house no worries.

Unfortunately, my car hasn’t been working for the last few days, and I have got three more days until my service. It’s not even a mechanic close to Malvern East, so it’s not like I can even go and visit him whilst my car is being repaired. I feel like a really bad girlfriend who has failed her boyfriend in his time of need. It sucks.

I hadn’t minded that my car wasn’t starting when I first noticed it on Monday, because everything except my boyfriend is walking distance from my home and he usually comes to me anyway. It’s just now when I really need my car to work that it doesn’t and I’m clearly feeling really flat about it seeing as I have mentioned it at least three times now. 

Now I’m having doubts about the location of my mechanic. I should have booked a car service around Hawthorn and gotten straight on the train to my boyfriend. I was just quite distraught when I found out how sick my boyfriend was feeling and booked my regular mechanic, who is very good and the man I would’ve chosen in any other circumstance.

I really hope my boyfriend feels better by the time I manage to get to him. 

I’m in the process of organising a little care package to be delivered to his house which has ready-made meals in it, tissues, cold and flu tablets and other goodies to hopefully help his recovery go a little smoother. I hope he forgives me.