Another Roadworthy Certificate

I’m actually known in my local community as the suburb’s worst driver. I’m twenty-three years old and have failed my driving test four times in a row. I’ve got my fifth driving test attempt booked in for next month, and I’ve got the whole suburb behind me for support. It’s become a bit of a running joke about how terrible I am at driving, and people actually have wagers on the result of my upcoming test.

I’m determined to get my license this time. I’ve played into the joke a lot about being the worst driver in Northcote, but I don’t really want it to continue much longer. I bought a car when I turned eighteen, just before my first attempt at getting my drivers license. I still have that car, and have been paying registration fees and getting it serviced the entire time, even though I don’t have any actual driving freedom. I’m getting a car service in Northcote two weeks before my test so that I know my car is in perfect working order. I’m allowed to use my car in the test, which you think would be helpful, but it hasn’t been yet. I really believe it’ll be helpful this time.  

When my car gets serviced, I need to ask them to do another evaluation of my car. Seeing as I’m using it for the test, it has to adhere to a lot of stringent guidelines. I understand why, but it is a bit of a hassle that I have to get a roadworthy certificate every time I go for my test. Sometimes I think that maybe I would’ve had better luck in another car, but alas, this is my life now. 

I’m currently seeking any sort of advice about how to properly drive my car and pass my test. If anyone has any resources or stories about how they overcame adversity and finally passed their test like I hope to do, please get in touch with me.