Video Magic

I feel bad for people who don’t understand the power of a good video. A good video tells a story, connects to an audience and keeps people engaged. A good video goes beyond the power of writing to deliver a message like no other. That’s why, I will always value video production over any other …

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Exterior Paint Joy

I just bought a house that’s a real fixer-upper. It’s old but it’s got strong bones and I am excited to live in it for the rest of my life. I weighed up the benefits of buying a new house versus an old more run down house, and the run down house won. I can …

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Classic Is… What?

I just had this big argument with my family over what the ‘classic’ Australian house is. I mean, I’ve never contemplated such a thing in my life, so I wasn’t in a great position to come up with an answer. Certainly, I struggled to defend my point in the face of my parents and sister, …

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