Why Tint

I’ve been searching far and wide, and finally, I’ve found some more important people to interview for the Australian Bureau of Random Statistics. I need to find out why people get window tinting services, and the results have been quite interesting. A few days after contacting my next interviewees, I stand outside the head office …

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Magical Cabin Window

My family owns a small cabin in a picturesque country town.  The cabin sits on the side of a river and is covered by overhanging pine trees that create constant shadow over the house despite the intense heat of the climate. It is an incredible place that makes you believe in magic. When people write …

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Dashing Door Dude

I’m sceptical about this new season of the Great Australian Trade-Off. I try to be sceptical about many things, and this is one of them, especially after the clunky first few episodes. They’ve mostly redeemed themselves at the moment, especially now that it’s gotten to the semi-final, but the rub lies in that fact that …

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