Dream Dabbler

The ‘dream kitchen’ may well be an illusion plugged to unsuspecting consumers by lifestyle magazines and… well, kitchen suppliers. But hey – I can still dream, right? Maybe that’s why it’s called a dream kitchen. Besides, if it weren’t for unattainable ideals, we’d never advance towards perfection as a collective, would we?

Okay, fine, I’ll stop. My point is really just that I want to get some earthy accessories for the kitchen, like straw mats, baskets and natural linen tea towels. I feel this way after seeing a picture in a magazine of a kitchen just like mine, but this one somehow looked so much more stylish. It took me a few minutes of analysing it to figure out that it really came down to the accessories.

You see, it’s a very contemporary kitchen – all chrome and matte charcoal finishes – and up until now, I’ve tried to match the decor that aesthetic. I now see that what’s been lacking is contrast, and I’d never have been any the wiser if I hadn’t had this example placed in front of me. I realise it’s been styled and photographed to the nines by professionals to achieve that deceptively low-key sense of tasteful simplicity. I know that mine won’t instantly look like it with the addition of some mats and vases, but who cares?

Here’s the truth about kitchen designers. Melbourne homes, in general, aren’t about to be featured in magazines any time soon. That’s just the way it is. But that actually works in our favour, because it means we have more scope to dip our toes into passing fads without making a huge commitment. I mean, I’m not going to go all out with this chrome-earthy contrast thing, because it’ll probably be over by this time next year.

What I’m saying is, I like the idea of hovering around trends without plunging all the way into the fairy tale land of magazine-worthiness.