Dreamt About Builders

Why is doing nothing all day so tiring? I’ve been lying outside for the last four hours and I keep falling asleep in the sun. It’s a great feeling, but truly, I’m exhausted. I don’t usually fall asleep during the day so it’s saying a lot that I have done so multiple times now. It’s seriously because I’m on holidays. When I finally get a break from the rigours of everyday life, it feels like the entire year catches up with me.

I was in such a deep sleep on my deck chair before, that I dreamt that I was one of the custom home designers servicing the Mornington Peninsula who designed our holiday home. We used to have a holiday house in Torquay but we sold it last year so that we could buy a big property near Sorrento Back Beach. The property is so big that we were able to build a house the size of four regular suburban homes on the land. Even though I loved the holiday house in Torquay, there’s no denying that this one is a significant upgrade.

But yeah, how funny that I had a dream about being a part of the working class? I haven’t worked a day in my life because I come from old money. I don’t even know how my brain was able to come up with what residential home developers do to make my dream make any sort of sense.

Anyway, all this talking has made me even more tired. It’s coming to the time of day that I like to take my official nap and I think it’s going to end up being more like a very deep sleep. I wonder what I’ll dream about during my nap. Will I be a frontline worker? Will I be a mechanic? Will I be the guy who cut down the wood to be used in my holiday home? Only time will tell.