Driving, Accelerated

Okay, there’s a skeleton here now. I must admit, although I saw many things during the wonderful golden age of Atlantis, a spooky skeleton is not something for which I was prepared. He’s pleasant enough, but he keeps trying to jump out from cupboards before the lesson, yelling “BOO!” and trying to scare people. I don’t even know what he gets out of it. It just seems to be a compulsion, like how he’s compelled to clarify to everyone that he’s a spooky skeleton. Seriously, he can’t just ask a question, it has to be: “Okay, but personally, as a spooky skeleton, when am I going to use information on auto electrical services done in Bentleigh?”

I’ll give him that one though, because I was about to ask the same thing. I used to take a jetpack to school, and once I passed my age of Elucidation (that’s sort of like turning eighteen in this culture) I was allowed a vehicle that flew using the magnetic fields of the Earth. True, I might have had to take my license test twice after I collided with an energy pillar and scythed off the rear crambulonic mexotron (bit like a wheel), and there was that one time we had to summon an automotive sorcerer to rid the interior of the smell after I left it too long without filling up on positronic magno-fluid (sort of like oil and power steering in one). 

But I had some great times driving that thing. Me and my friends even had our version of a Maccas run, although for us that meant paying a small fee to drive through a hyperbolic hallucinogenic tunnel. Insert six dekkas into the machine and you get a custom-made fantasy of eating a delicious meal with your mates that seems to last for two hours, even though the tunnel is like five metres long. Bargain.

So yeah, I’m sure the car servicing done near Bentleigh is really great and all, but they do feel like a step down after that. Not for me right now.