Earring Adventure

I walked out of the big meeting feeling really good about myself. I’d just snatched up a pair of really nice sun earrings, and I could already feel them pulling me back toward my ship, docked in the middle of the Port Phillip Bay. I had to get on the move quickly, otherwise, the others would get to this supposed powerful treasure before me.

As I rowed back to my ship, I couldn’t help but feel a little bad for Hammond, having gotten just a pair of half-moon earrings. While they were fine enough, they certainly don’t compare to the sun earrings I got. But I suppose that’s what you get when you choose to be half an hour late for such an important meeting. Let’s be honest, Standard Time isn’t even a thing. We’re always in different time zones anyway.

Back on my ship, I spent a moment trying to figure out where my earrings were telling me to go. I felt them tugging south, out to sea, so I got behind the wheel and ordered my crew to get to work. The wind favoured us, possibly thanks to the magical earrings. Close to Melbourne, I had obtained them, and away from Melbourne, they would take me.

I just hope that I don’t get to our first destination last, otherwise, I am going to be eliminated. Before arriving, I have to solve several sudoku puzzles on the deck of my ship in order to reveal a certain passcode. I’ve got my crew drawing up the puzzles, and I’ll have to start solving them as we move out of the bay. Thankfully, I used to do a lot of sudoku as a teenager, so this shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll just pull off a few x-wings and swordfish maneuvers, and have this done in no time. Hopefully, the magical earrings make it even easier. Wish me luck!

– Amory Whitemane