Homeowner Tradition

It is a tradition in my family to purchase a house for your children when they come of age. This tradition has been in my family for the past six generations, and it is something that no one wants to see die. Six generations ago my family came from extreme hardship, where they were unable to afford a home for a long period of time. They were given a home by a kind and wealthy family friend, and that is where this tradition began. No person in our family will ever be homeless again, and as the gift of a home was given to my elders, it will be given to all of us because of it. 

No part of me is going to deny how fortunate I am to be a part of a family that holds this tradition. Thirty years ago my parents gifted me my first home and because of them I have been able to save up a lot of money that I would have otherwise spent on mortgage repayments. A significant portion of this money has been saved for my only child, who I will be buying a house for this year.

Buying a house is more expensive now than ever, and because of this I have begun consulting a conveyancer. Brighton is the suburb that I’m looking to buy in, as I want my daughter to live in the best possible neighbourhood in our area. She deserves the leg up that I got. It will change her life. 

Unfortunately, many of these homes are out of my price range. If I buy her a property further from the beach it will be more affordable, and so according to conveyancing solicitors, that’s what I’m going to have to do. I wonder if it was difficult for my parents to buy me my house all those years ago. It definitely seems like there’s more working against me now than there was them.