Office Design Productivity

Productivity is down. My own especially. I’m a senior executive at a firm that will most definitely remain nameless, and I can feel the typical afternoon slump creeping earlier and earlier as each day passes. We all very much believe in the work we do, and that has been proven with our years of success and expertise within our field, however things are starting to feel stale. As I have previous experience in HR, and have a degree in psychology it is my responsibility to increase employee morale and productivity in the next six months. I’ve been doing significant research on the subject, and have sought after experienced professionals in the field. 

I have narrowed the issue down to one main issue, the fact that the design of our office is significantly out of date. Our office design no longer fosters the work environment that we value. Originally, we believed each employee had their spot and their role, with the department heads in the middle of the room and their subordinates scattered around the outskirts of the room, facing the wall rather than each other. This method is no longer the case, we have attempted to flexi desk and have blurred the lines of who’s in charge and who isn’t. Everyone has their own skills and abilities that we want to emphasise, and everyone works in a team rather than reporting to one person. 

Put plainly, it’s time we had a new office design. Melbourne offices are constantly evolving, and now we are evolving with it. Everyone will be placed around the room in a way that fosters communication, and productivity as a result. The new design will involve an office fitout. Melbourne is the city for innovation, and we are now at the forefront of it.

I will get in contact once the project is complete and let you know if our redesign has made a difference to productivity.