Image Addict

I enjoy looking up pictures of luxury executive offices. What of it? It’s not that I crave to work in one, or even that I find them especially interesting in terms of their content. What really drives my enjoyment is the windows. There’s some very particular satisfaction that comes from a city sunset view, seen through a floor-to-ceiling window alongside a mix of sleek lines and plush detailing. 


If this doesn’t make sense, go ahead and look it up – just search for ‘luxury executive office fitouts’. Within Melbourne alone, you’ll find there are loads of examples of sunset-steeped suites, complete with large designer desks, tasteful light fixtures, avant garde wall art, and Scandinavian-influenced chairs that look really comfortable. But it’s all about the views out the window, which is clearly the most noteworthy feature of the space. 


Maybe I do have some kind of latent interest in executive office design and styling. Melbourne has left me sceptical of office layout trends, as they seem to come and go so quickly, but executive offices tend to stay more constant. I guess when there’s just one person using a space, there’s no call to slingshot back and forth between cubicles and open plan desks. A more classic feel, then, is able to become established.


Or maybe I just have a thing for windows. Having worked in spaces with sub-optimal natural light and views that leave a lot to be desired, I have a true appreciation for windows that provide an inspirational vista while minimising the need for artificial lighting. I’m sure there are downsides to those big skyscraper windows, especially at sunset – I mean, no one likes glarey conditions, and the UV rays would surely cause the attendant designer furniture to fade. 


Even so, there’s something about it all that imparts a glamorous feel, which must be why I keep looking up these images.