Confused Car Owner

Hi! My name is Gaby, I’m 20 years old and I just bought my first second-hand car. Before yesterday I had always used the family car, and did not need to worry about literally any of its upkeep. My only responsibilities were a) don’t wreck the car and b) fill it up for petrol at the end of every week. 

But our circumstances have changed and it was agreed that it’s time to get my own. So here we are. The car is new-ish and nice-ish, and that’s about as well as I can describe it. I know pretty much nothing about cars, and honestly, I’m not too interested in learning about them. But I also don’t want to be paying for anything extra that I don’t need, or not paying for something that is going to potentially save my life. 

It’s pretty difficult for me now, not knowing what I’m after or how to fix it. No one in my family really knows enough about cars to teach me either, so I literally have to put complete faith in whoever is servicing my car. I’m looking for advice on the best place to get my first car service in the Midland area, and I’ve heard a few good things about this place so far. I want somewhere that will explain what’s going on and help me make informed decisions about what I’m purchasing. I also, of course, want a place that will do a good enough job in making my car as safe as possible. Something else that would be good would be somewhere that does car air conditioning repairs in Midland, because with summer approaching, I know it is going to get very very hot in my little car.

Please get in contact with me if you have any suggestions! Just thought I’d do a bit of crowd-sourcing when it comes to getting advice!

Happy driving.