Important Safety Certificate

The next time I tried to drive to the suburb next to Raceview, the exact same thing happened to my car. It broke down unexpectedly and for absolutely no reason. I remembered that when my mechanic pushed my car back a few metres it started working again, so I did that too. Unsurprisingly, my car started working again. 

I drove my car to the mechanic. Raceview is a small suburb and so it didn’t take me very long. Just as the mechanic said the last time he repaired my car, he bumped me to the front of the car service and repair line as soon as I arrived. I’m guessing he knew something else would go wrong, although I don’t think he knew what that would be. 

Whilst he worked on my car, I decided to walk to the suburb over. I still needed to get my hands on the second-hand fridge I bought from the suburb across from mine. I definitely needed my car to be able to get it back to my home, but I was just so frustrated at this point that I just wanted to get there.

As I left the mechanic workshop, he was assessing my car to issue it with a registered car safety certificate. He obviously wanted to be thorough seeing as there’s clearly something wrong with my car. I’m sure he felt bewildered that he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. At that stage, I didn’t know either, although I did have my suspicions.

It wasn’t until I got to the spot that my car had broken down twice before that I figured it out. In the exact same spot, albeit on the footpath, I fell over. Now, I haven’t fallen over since I was a pre-teen. I got up with a grazed knee and tried to keep walking. I fell over again and this time really hurt my ankle. That is obviously not normal. I now know that I’ll never be able to leave, let alone escape, Raceview.