Sugar addict

Once upon a time, I lived the worst lifestyle possible when it came to health. I didn’t do anything bad like smoke or drink excessively, but I absolutely loved all things with sugar. Every day I was scooping six spoons of sugar into my coffee, eating cakes, and bags of lollies. I had the biggest sweet tooth probably known to man. It was crazy. As a result of my sugar binges, there would be days when I would feel exhausted and I’d crash so hard. I ended up also rotting my teeth away. I regret it now and wish I looked into some dental cavity protection because my teeth are honestly all rotten and sensitive. The effects sugar can have on your body is absolutely insane. You don’t think about how it can wreck your blood levels, give you cavities and also impact your mood. As a result of eating so many sugary foods, I noticed my mood would suffer when I would not eat sugary foods. So, guess what my solution was? To eat more and more piles of sugar. 

About two years ago my family held a sugar intervention for me to stop eating so much sugar and to start taking better care of my health. Following this intervention, my family booked an appointment for me at the most recommended dentist. Bayside has some top quality dentists and it was helpful to hear their perspective about the condition of my teeth. It was a really eye-opening and insightful experience about my general health and the changes I needed to make. Following this visit, I binned all artificial sweeteners that were in my home and started limiting my sugar consumption next to zero. Within a few weeks, I noticed I started feeling a lot better about myself both mentally and physically. I’m still in the process of adapting to this change but I will keep you all posted about how I get on.