Interstate Glass Troubles

Long-distance work really is giving me a serious headache, both in the regular sense and by way of metaphor. Here we are stuck in Melbourne and handed a major project taking place in Canberra, so I guess they expect us to shuttle back and forth every other day like that doesn’t cost massive amounts of time and money. Believe me, I’ve tried to just do things remotely, but things just keep coming up that require me to be there. Feels like I spend most of my life in the car. It’s not what I pictured for my future.

Now we’re being asked to find a glass balustrade company near Melbourne, get them to somehow travel to Canberra (because Canberra doesn’t have balustrades, apparently). Honestly, the so-called ‘Church Park Restoration Committee’ can go and find themselves someone else if they’re going to be this difficult about everything. Never mind the fact that we were the only ones willing to take on the building project after everyone else rejected it. Church Park might be totally abandoned, but it’s still the creepiest place in Australia besides Keymore and so far as most people are concerned, it can be left that way. I’m just not a fan of wasting entire neighbourhoods, hence why we took the project on. 

Whether anyone will live there afterwards is anyone’s guess, but that, I’m happy to say, will be up to the realtors. At the moment, I just need to inspect where the balustrading will go in the council headquarters. This is very important, apparently. They said it’s because all of the architecture at the moment is a creepy stark white and they want something ‘modern but not weird’. I can understand that, and I can see if I can find glass repair professionals in Melbourne for that, but still…so much driving. 

This time, if I see one guy in a hat and dark coat clearly watching me from a distance, I’m out of there.