Move for Independence!

So we just spent a week on stakeout. That’s cool. I mean, stakeout constitutes most of our job. I have my coping mechanisms, and also, a handheld console that I can use to entertain myself for hours. I don’t play it while I’m supposed to be keeping watch, though – at least, not very much.

But yeah, a whole week of stakeout because some parents were deathly worried that their children were going to move out of home and were meeting with professionals in secret – some sort of housing professionals.

Look, I live alone in a motor home, so that stuff does intimidate me. But the grand answer to all the riddles was that it was a buyers advocacy thing. This young couple were just looking for a trustworthy personal property consultant to help them with the process of moving home, which they were trying to do in secret because it would mean moving out of their house right across the street from the parents and to a place a whole two suburbs away. Quite the family scandal that would create… I guess. My whole family are snobs and like to live behind their gated manor homes, so I don’t talk to any of them. I ask you, though: which one is easier to keep clean? A manor home, or a motor home? Check and mate.

I guess it should be fine to present our findings, maybe soften the blow a little. Kids have to move away and start their own lives, you know? And if they contract the services of  professional buyers advocacy providers in Melbourne, then that’s just another sign that they’re growing up and making adult decisions. I made the adult decision to move out of the family manor house, striking out on my own and becoming marvellous all by myself. 

So yeah. Independence is great fun, and I can recommend it to all, even if you need a buyers advocate to get things done. Space from parents is also healthy. But that’s just the two cents of a guy living in a motor home.