Not Learning Fundamentals

Is it bad that I don’t know the last time my car was serviced? Is that even legal? It’s one of those things that they don’t teach you in school, but for some reason everybody just expects you to know. Like doing your taxes, or the fact that ambulances aren’t free. Most of this stuff is really important. I didn’t know you had to declare cash for tax purposes, because nobody ever told me! But now, apparently, I’m a tax evader, and somehow that’s my fault. I wish they’d taught that stuff to everyone. It would have been better than that stupid cooking class I took in year eight. So, I think I need to have a car service. Malvern High never told me how, though.

I’m starting to hear a crunch, every time I hit the brakes. It doesn’t matter how careful I am, or how hard I push, that crunch is always there. Maybe this issue goes beyond a simple service, but how would I know? I might need to take my car over to an auto repair shop in Malvern, or maybe it just needs some oil. I really don’t know the first thing about cars. Do cars even need oiling? It’s one thing for me to have gaps in my education about trigonometry, but I need at least a fundamental understanding of cars to manage day to day. Because I’m not going back to public transport.

Maybe they need to have a high school class where they just write on the board everything you need to know about being an adult, and people can just take a photo on their phones. Or they could give everyone a piece of paper that says, “It is illegal to drink before you are eighteen if you are off private property. If you drink and drive, you could go to jail. It is not legal to hurt people, no matter how much they annoy you.” That would have been really helpful.