Underground Artist

Some people graffiti on the sides of buildings, others on walls near train tracks. They are all fools. I’ve known many friends who were caught in the act of expressing themselves through art, because they got greedy, and wanted their work to be seen. They may have been making art, but they were not artists. They sacrificed the longevity of their art for exposure. Not me. My art is eternal, even if nobody sees it. It’s like an author who publishes to Amazingon. Their work might be out there, but it won’t be very successful.

So, where do I do my art? Underground. No, not like the underground, as in, where lots of people hang out in secret. Literally underground. In the sewers. Ew, I can hear you thinking, and you’d be right about that. But what it lacks in hygiene it makes up for in liberty. I love the perfectly round canvas. My favourite spot is in Brighton. How to deal with blocked drains is a question not many people around there seem to know the answer to, since it doesn’t get a lot of water coming into it. I’ve basically got a whole mural there, which I am constantly working on. It gets longer by the day. When somebody comes and tries to work out how to fix a blocked sewer in Melbourne, they’ll be in for quite the treat. Of course, by then, I’ll already be long gone.

The main downside is that the lighting there is horrible, but I suppose that’s something most graffiti artists have to deal with. Most of them at least have the light of the moon and stars, but I’m stuck with pitch-black, fought back only by the lantern I bring with me. It makes for some interesting pictures. I like to make images of good vs evil, and the darkness and light seem to reflect that. I hope one day somebody can appreciate my work as much as I do. That’s not why I started making art, though, so I’m perfectly content keeping it to myself.