Potential Shoulder Replacement

I told mum! I told her. I told her. I TOLD HER. I told her that this would happen if she kept being so clumsy and just throwing her body anywhere and any time. Last night she was walking with my dad to a dinner function for our favourite sporting team (I wasn’t invited) and she lost her footing and fell into the gutter from the footpath. That’s stock standard. But this time she actually injured herself.

I returned home from a party at about 12:00 am and my parents’ door was closed. That’s not out of the ordinary but for some reason I had a bad feeling that something wasn’t right and so I decided to check on them. They weren’t in there. That was weird. I called mum – no answer. I called her another four times – no answer. I decided to call dad out of desperation, knowing very well that he probably didn’t even bring his phone with him. He answered and said that they were at the hospital because mum had a fall. I was simultaneously in belief and disbelief. Of course this had happened. But I was still in shock.

Dad said that mum was in discussion with a nurse at the moment to get her a referral to a highly regarded shoulder surgeon practicing in Melbourne. I instantly wondered whether it would be the shoulder surgeon that I had researched a couple of months back. I don’t know if you remember my last blog post but I was very sure that my mum would injure herself in the coming months so I wanted to be prepared with the contact information for the best shoulder surgeons in the area.

I wonder what kind of surgery she’ll need. Imagine if she needed a full-scale shoulder replacement. If that’s the case, it would mean she had severely fractured her shoulder. With the amount of drama surrounding this whole thing at the moment (she’s in hospital), I wouldn’t be surprised if she did need a shoulder replacement.