Sliding Fun Times

I wonder if it’s possible to make a house that’s one giant cave.

I can see why it’s not usually an option, of course. You’d need a space the size of a warehouse, to start off. The ventilation would be extremely difficult, as would the issue of dust. And if everything was so open, would heating be an issue? Like, you wouldn’t have walls, so you’d be sitting in the living room-esque space, and you’d be forced to keep a fan heater on you at all times. Not very efficient overall. 

However, I simply love the idea of entering from above ground and sliding down a fireman’s pole to get to my kitchen. I wonder if any kitchen designers working in Melbourne have considered something like that, or do I have to send some blueprints? I’m thinking that could be a stellar option for any living space, really. I could be leading a kitchen revolution, one where everyone will be requesting Melbourne’s best kitchen designers to come to their homes and cut a hole in the floor so that they can slide down a pole to the kitchen in the morning. You could feel just like a fireman, except that you’re going to a place to light a fire (like with the stove) instead of going to put one out.

What of bathroom renovation projects, I hear you ask? Maybe just the standard. I feel like that should be a private space where you don’t want to be interrupted by visitors from the ceiling. 

I guess the pole would be the main reason I want my home to be a giant open space: so that I can descend the levels that way. I saw it on an episode of Echolocation. They lived in an upturned submarine that had taken a nosedive and embedded itself in an upright position on the ocean floor. So getting to the upper rooms was a painful process of climbing ladders, but getting down meant sliding on delightful poles. Eventually you’d build up hand calluses and it’d be a wonderful fun time.