Tattoo Beauty

I’m on holidays! Three girl-friends and I are chasing the sun. So of course that means we’re spending two weeks in Queensland. We’ve taken our leave before the Christmas break because we figured Queensland would be even busier after, and we want maximum time in the sun with minimal crowding. So far, we’ve nailed it.


We flew into Brisbane three days ago, and have been shopping, swimming and partying ever since. It’s so nice to not be cold! Getting in the water and swimming around for half an hour is genuinely a relief, rather than where I’m from when it takes thirty minutes to just ease myself into the pool.


What I’ve found annoying though, is not being able to have any makeup on whilst I swim. Half of the time we haven’t been able to go back to our hotel room and get ready before going out, so I’ve been walking the streets of Brisbane baby-faced and covered in sunscreen. I’ve been flirting with the idea of cosmetic tattooing for a few months now, and being in Queensland has really made me think about it. It would be so convenient. My face would be ready-made every day, I could spend more time in bed and I could look flawless even after swimming. It’s definitely tempting. 


So I’ve been doing some research whilst I’m here on tattoo studios near Brisbane, and I’m going to hope that I happen to stumble across the small number that I’ve been looking at online. I can’t seem to find any information that is going to prevent me from getting cosmetic tattooing, there are just so many benefits. It’s not like I don’t already have multiple tattoos. This isn’t my first rodeo. We are going down to Surfers next week, so I’ve done my research on tattoo shops close to Surfers Paradise too.


Honestly, if I come home after this trip without cosmetic tattooing, I’m going to be very surprised. Because seriously – why not?