That’ll Do, Car

Cars are just everywhere in games nowadays. Cars and cameras. Every single video game is giving you the ability to take photographs at any time, and they’re also providing you with a car right off the bat so you can explore one of a gajillion open worlds, which aren’t getting old at all

Personally I liked that time in Over-Botch when people were ramping cars off buildings and into traffic, causing massive explosions and ruining everyone’s commutes. Wow, it’s not like real life, really? Almost like it’s some kind of video game!

No offence to the car mechanics close to Ringwood, the game version. They’re just trying to make a living in the game, but you’d think they’d be happy about having all that extra business. Extra virtual doubloons to put an extra story on their virtual house. I run a virtual knick-knack shop, and I never get massive boosts to business as a result of an errant game patch… just saying. 

Maybe people are just bracing for when cars can drive themselves. You’ll make a booking with a mechanic for tyre repairs or a log book service, but instead of driving there yourself, you’ll just give your car a smack on the bonnet and watch as it drives off by itself to go and get serviced,and then you just twiddle your thumbs until the car gets back. You’ve got no options either, since now it’s actually illegal to drive manually. And so, everyone turns to video games for their car driving experience. At least, in the game, you can bring your car for a log book service near Ringwood without putting the in-game mechanics out.

Like, you can’t even get a license anymore. The government just stopped issuing them after they became unnecessary. As for the camera thing… I don’t know, that’s probably just everyone’s social media obsession coming out in video game form.