The Plane Drain

I wouldn’t have thought that plumbing on a boat or ship was very complicated. Pull a lever, it all goes down. You could potentially get away with the same thing on a plane, although you’d have to restrict it to when you’re travelling over the water.

But nope. As we enter the second hour of sitting on the runway, I’m just typing out some thoughts to keep myself occupied. Plumbing is a fascinating thing, is it not? You think of plumbers as being people in overalls armed with plungers, but it’s way more varied than that. I know for a fact that drain removal specialists exist. Melbourne drain camera inspections, also a thing. They had to call in one at Shona’s birthday party, when Gareth tried to hide the fact that he was smoking from his girlfriend and dumped all his cigarettes down the toilet and sink, causing a double blockage. Not only did the drain cameras pick up exactly what he shoved down there (causing Amelie to break up with him) but he made it so everyone had to use the bathroom in the park just across the road, and the police were called because someone said that suspicious youths were hanging around and maybe doing the drugs. So far as I know, Gareth was the only one who brought anything that could be referred to as ‘drugs’, and those had to be blasted out of the u-bend by some drain repair experts. In party terms, you could say it was fairly tame. 

So now I’m trying to figure out how a person managed to clog a plane’s drains (heh) before we’ve even taken off. My bet is that they tried to get rid of something (please tell me it wasn’t cigarettes again), and then there’s the dreaded wet-wipe issue. Someone gave themselves what was essentially a shower using wet wipes and did not dispose of them correctly.

Are Melbourne drain cleaning specialists meant to deal with this as well? I guess it’s just a drain…on a plane. A plane drain. Just plain draining, if you ask me. Heh. 

I’m so bored.