Working? At WORK?

Gary is just the kind of boss this office needed, and I hate it.

Sandrine was bad, no doubt about it. Then we had new Sandrine, who I barely count as the same person, and she was too nice. Everyone got what they wanted, but no one really did any work in the end. We had Vera for about a week, but she was just weird. She vanished as quickly as she’d arrived, probably back to the mothership, and now we have Gary.

He makes us work, and he doesn’t even have the decency to be mean about it, so we can’t really complain. We’ve picked up a massive client who needs commercial glass tinting across Melbourne for some of his buildings, so off we go. This is what it used to be like under Sandrine, except now our staff meetings finish on time and the time spent having conversations around the water cooler has been gently reduced. Gary’s always watching, even when it comes to the water cooler thing. He walks along, asks how we’re doing, and, like… you just can’t do anything in that situation. You tell Gary everything’s fine, and you get back to work, ordering glass tinting and commercial glass tinting and probably some glass frosting, if we manage to get our glass tinting workload done on time… which we will. 

I’m guessing profits and ROI have been way up since Gary took over. I bet the shareholders love it. They don’t think about us, do they? The workers slaving away, coming in on time and leaving on time, working on what we’re given. Doing stuff with office window tinting, which is actually sort of interesting, and taking only the lunch breaks that are stipulated in our contracts and not ones that go for a couple of hours. Shocking.

I’m just going to get started on frosted window glass now. I’m actually working ahead of schedule. Truly, my spirit is broken.