Heating and Cooling

Air Conditioning Sponge?

It’s sad to see how much Sponge Boy has gone downhill since the first movie. The show isn’t even set underwater anymore. At some point Sponge Boy, the main character, must have moved to Melbourne of all places. Sponge Boy is now exploring the modern metropolis of Melbourne, despite that being completely against the original …

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Apartment Heating

I find it difficult to tell people what I need. This has been something I’ve tried to overcome for the last ten or so years, however I still really struggle to speak up when I need to. This struggle comes from an internalised fear that I am annoying, overreacting or being way too expectant of …

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Instant Relief

  The daily commute from my home in the Western suburbs to my office in Richmond is often long and bothersome. Almost every Melburnian can relate to the struggle of travelling during peak hour, whether that be via public transport or on our roads. Congestion is often hard to escape and it can be difficult …

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